Chronicles of a Detroit Railfan: Volume 2


Product Description

Second book of an Eight Book series.

Written and photographed by Byron Babbish

This is Volume 2 of a series of photography books about the railroads of Detroit between the years 1975 and 2000. Volume 2 introduces us to all the railroads serving Windsor, Ontario, Canada, located across the Detroit River from Detroit. Canada railroads, such as Canada National, Canada Pacific, Essex Terminal and VIA Rail, are covered as are the Canadian operations of the Detroit railroads, Conrail, Chessie and Norfolk & Western. Also covered is how the railroads got to Canada from Detroit via the Detroit River Carferries and Tunnel. Chronicles of a Detroit Railfan Volume 2 brings back to life the many fascinating railroads serving a great city in the last quarter of the last century when they were still so very interesting and so many.


About the Author

Byron Babbish is a railroad photographer, writer and historian. He has written books and articles on railroads and has had many of his railroad photographs published. A retired attorney, his time is devoted to teaching law, playing violin, model railroading and writing.

By Byron Babbish
Paperback: 52 Pages
ISBN-10: 1493708635
ISBN-13: 978-1493708635